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Our custom-made hair products undergo a meticulous manufacturing process, typically requiring 10 business days to craft each order. Each strand is tailored to your specifications, ensuring a personalized fit and style.

All our hair bundles weigh 100 grams as a standard measure. For a natural volume, we recommend 100 grams, while achieving a fuller look may require 200 grams. It's important to note that longer hair lengths may benefit from higher gram recommendations to maintain optimal volume and density.


Discover our exquisite range of hand-tied weft hair extensions made from 100% raw real human hair. At The Perfect Touch, we redefine beauty with our meticulously crafted extensions, available in various lengths—12-24 inches (100g). Our extensions offer unparalleled volume and thickness, setting new standards of quality in the industry while remaining remarkably affordable.

Experience the Perfect Blend Indulge in our Double Weft Sew-in Hair Extensions, meticulously designed using Brazilian raw human hair. Our signature anti-shedding double weft process ensures durability and compactness, providing a flawless blend for a seamless, natural look. Embrace the elegance of longer, thicker hair with every strand.

The Perfect Fusion of Style and Versatility At The Perfect Touch, our hand-tied weft hair extensions made from real human hair offer limitless styling possibilities. Whether it's a sew-in, micro link, clip-in, glue-in, tape-in, or the creation of wigs and ponytails, our extensions promise versatility without compromise. Customize your look effortlessly with our extensions, tailored to suit your unique preferences.

Unmatched Quality, Unparalleled Care Experience exceptional maintenance with our human hair weft extensions. We guide you through optimal care practices, ensuring longevity and luster. Our commitment to quality reflects in every aspect, from preventing tangling during sleep to gentle washing techniques with coconut oil-infused shampoos.

The Perfect Hue for Every You At The Perfect Touch, we understand the importance of color accuracy. Our authentic photos showcase real human hair weave extensions, enabling precise color selection through our comprehensive system. Enhance your natural beauty by matching extension shades with your current hair color, or explore the versatility of our extensions—ready to be styled, straightened, curled, or dyed for that perfect, seamless blend.

With The Perfect Touch Hair Extensions, elevate your style with confidence, sophistication, and the flawless beauty that defines you.


PriceFrom $450.00
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