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Our custom-made hair products undergo a meticulous manufacturing process, typically requiring 10 business days to craft each order. Each strand is tailored to your specifications, ensuring a personalized fit and style.

All our hair bundles weigh 100 grams as a standard measure. For a natural volume, we recommend 100 grams, while achieving a fuller look may require 200 grams. It's important to note that longer hair lengths may benefit from higher gram recommendations to maintain optimal volume and density.


Introducing The Perfect Touch I-Tip Hair Extensions Crafted from genuine human hair, The Perfect Touch I-Tip Hair Extensions offer a diverse range tailored to meet your specific needs. Our extensions, available in various lengths, are designed to elevate your style with exceptional texture and feel. The 14-16 inch extensions feature 0.5g/strand and 100 strands/100g set, ensuring a natural look and feel. For those desiring longer locks, our 18-inch extensions boast 100 strands/100g set, while the 20-24 inch extensions offer 1g/strand and 100 strands/100g set.

Elevate Style with Cold Fusion At The Perfect Touch, we advocate for microbeads infused with silicone for our I-Tip Hair Extensions. These silicone-infused beads offer superior non-slip, firm, and comfortable wear, ensuring gentle treatment of your natural hair. For extended use, we recommend re-clamping the beads after a week to maintain their integrity.

Perfect Color Match. Explore the spectrum of fashion-forward choices with The Perfect Touch I-Tip Real Human Hair Extensions—balayage, ombre, highlighted color effects, and more. Discover the most fashionable, shiny, and suitable colors in our store. While slight variations may exist between images and the actual product due to display differences, our team offers Personalized Color Matching Services for your confidence in selection.

Tailored Design for Perfection Experience the innovation of I-Tip Extensions, also known as stick tips, utilizing cold fusion technology for expert application with microbeads. Our process eliminates the need for thermal heat, ensuring effortless application and removal while minimizing damage to your precious hair.

Extended Lifespan, Timeless Appeal With proper maintenance, The Perfect Touch I-Tip Real Human Hair Extensions promise a lifespan of 2-3 months. Our natural hair extensions radiate opulence with a silky, shiny appearance that retains its original state even after washing and styling. Achieve a natural, seamless blend—our extensions look and feel like a dream!


PriceFrom $450.00
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