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Our custom-made hair products undergo a meticulous manufacturing process, typically requiring 10 business days to craft each order. Each strand is tailored to your specifications, ensuring a personalized fit and style.

All our hair bundles weigh 100 grams as a standard measure. For a natural volume, we recommend 100 grams, while achieving a fuller look may require 200 grams. It's important to note that longer hair lengths may benefit from higher gram recommendations to maintain optimal volume and density.


Luxury extension with "The Perfect Touch".
Achieve instant length and volume with our clip-in hair extensions from "The Perfect Touch." No fuss, just flawless locks.

Premium Quality, Natural Feel:
Crafted from 100% real human hair, our clip-ins by "The Perfect Touch" ensure a premium, natural look and feel.

Versatile Styling by "The Perfect Touch":
Express your style with creativity using our real human hair clip-ins from "The Perfect Touch." Curl, dye, and style for endless possibilities.

Seamless Integration, Lasting Results:
Blending seamlessly with your natural hair, "The Perfect Touch" clip-ins feature durable stainless steel clips for comfort and protection. The double weft technique ensures longevity and flawless results.

Instant Transformation with "The Perfect Touch":
Turn heads instantly with "The Perfect Touch" clip-in hair extensions. Unleash your inner goddess for instant glamour and an awe-inspiring new look.


PriceFrom $450.00
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