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Rose Toy Valentines Gift Basket

Rose toy pleasure you and with this gift basket for valentines it comes with a two wick soy candle, date night cards with a choice or type of rose pleasure you select. You will finfinds other surprises included in gift box

Introducing our special Valentine's Day gift basket that includes "THE ROSE," the perfect toy for adding a little pleasure to your romantic night. This gift set comes with a two-wick soy candle and date night cards to set the mood.

Choose from a variety of rose pleasure options that are sure to please you both. Our "ROSE" toy is the perfect addition for those looking to add an extra special experience to their intimate evening.

With this gift basket, you'll find other surprises waiting just for you. Get ready for an unforgettable Valentine's Day with our Rose Toy Pleasure Gift Basket!

Rose Toy Valentines Gift Basket

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